Our collection of historical books, memorabilia and photographs may be viewed in the library, but some historical information may be obtained by borrowing in-house flash drives which will contain extensive information and photographs of the history and activities of the Town of Southampton.

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    Introduction - Includes scope and summary of: (introduction is file: written finding aid updated 2-1-17.odt)

  • finished Center Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions and Map of Sections
    Includes Center Cemetery Sections map, and 2 indexes of names of those buried here, and where they may be found in the cemetery. The indexes also indicate the page number where their inscriptions are listed in "Tombstone Inscriptions of the Cemeteries of Southampton, Masschusetts 1738-1940," a compilation of a work by Mrs. Max Lederer, Jr. and a work by Richard Frary.. Also on flash drive.

  • finished Excerpts from "Southampton Sources 1743-1871" by Stephen D. Robison - includes Preface and Introduction, Master Index which indicates on which page in the document information may be found, Birth, Marriage, and Death Indexes, as well as List of Heads of Household, and the 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses. Also on flash drive.

  • Finished Southampton Record Book Number 2 1741-1791-"This book contains copies of the records of the Precinct, District, and Town Meetings of Southampton from September 21, 1741 thorough April 20, 1791.It ...contains copies of documents such as statements to the town my Reverend Jonathan Judd."-From Southampton Records Book Number 2 1741-1791. See flash drive.

  • Finished First Congregational Church Records 1743-1832-- This document contains a record of the baptisms, births, church members and deaths in the church during this period. There is an index which will indicate on which page the information may be obtained. See flash drive.

  • Finished Gridley Private Cemetery - "This small family burying ground...on the west side of the highway just south of the four corners a short distance south of Southampton Village. It is the only private cemetery in town. It is in a good state of preservation, although there are no burials there today." --From Gridley Private Cemetery Records. See flash drive
  • Finished. Methodist Episcopal Church Records 1842-1924 - Compiled by Mrs. Max Lederer- Includes a description of the church history, lists of elders, stewards, trustees, as well as members and various officers of the church. There is a list of the Pastors and an index which indicates on which page in the document information may be found. See flash drive.

  • FinishedVital Records of the Town of Southampton 1740-1940- Includes births, deaths, first marriages, marriage intentions, a short history of Southampton, and vital record Index which indicates on which page in the doument information may be found. See flash drive.

  • Finished. West Part Cemetery - "This cemetery is located in the west part of Southampton, or "Fomer", as the section is called. It is on the west side of the road leading north from "Russellville" to the White reservoir and Westhampton....There are several graves of Revolutionary soldiers here, most of which have been marked...The last burial was in 1904." - From original edition. See flash drive chic contains description, map, list of persons interred with inscriptions.
  • FinishedTown Documents - Finance letters, Warrants, Property Deeds See flash drive.

  • FinishedJonathan Judd, Jr. Diaries (Excerpts) -Includes a sample of scanned copies of excerpts of Jonathan Judd's Diary. Also on flash drive.
  • Finished Jonathan Judd, Jr.Diaries v.1-4 - Scanned original and typed pages of the complete diary. See flash drive.

  • Finished History of Old Houses by Atherton Parsons- Includes descriptions of 71 houses, which includes a brief history of their ownership, and their photographs, if available, by the Howes Brothers. Also on flash drive.

  • Finished Jonathan Judd, Jr. Daybook - Includes scanned original and edited copies of the daybook. See Flash drive.

  • Finished Sardis Chapman Daybook - Includes scanned original and edited copies of the daybook. See flash drive.

  • The Edwards Public Library - A short history of the Library.
  • New Haven / Northampton Freight Canal - Includes correspondence, shipment receipts, etc.




Present Edwards Public Library Building
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Interior of the Edwards Public Library circa 1920's.